Aroma therapy
Healing Package

1. Organic Custom Made Aura Cleansing  Mist - $25 for 50ml

using certified organic essential oil

Would you like to have custom made, your own unique aroma mists?

We will intuitively blends the essence you need now, and give you intuitive message for you to need to know, now.

This is a unique, your own, only one aroma mists. 

If it is for a gift, please let us know to whom you are going to give to, so that we can blend the essence by tuning to the person's energy.


2. Organic Aura Cleansing Mists - $20 for 50ml -

more than 5 -10 selection of essential oil blend

using certified organic essential oils to cleanse your energy, emotional fields, available in 3 type

  • Energising Aura Mist : strong cleansing & protection of your energy fields

  • Harmonising Aura Mist : sweet blends with rose & neroli,  but powerful enough to cleanse and protect your energy fields, this is very popular !

  • Higher Self Connection Mist : help you to align / connect your higher self, help you to be who you truly are, 

3. Aroma Therapy Massage: -- we apologise currently not available due to COVID -19 --


4. Healing Package

duration: from 1hr. price: from $88 - everything customised according to your needs.

Are there any areas of life, would you like to improve?

Need correction on your path? Is there anything else bothering you right now?  

This is a totally custom made package, using personalized meditation, aroma mists, energy cleansing, all come in one. Love, Relationships, Confidence, Fears, any kind of issues,

Please inquire for your own experience, first step towards healing journey, would you like to try your own unique package now?

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Back Massage
Aromatherapy Oil


Custom made aroma mist is my favorite. Manami picks the essense I need for my body and mental. It soothes my nerve and make me relax so I use it whenever I am frustrated or need to relax!

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