My Approach

By providing meditations, I can assist you to heal known or unknown hurts, blocks and past baggage, which you might have thought that you have already healed those emotional wounds.

It is my privilege to see how participants are transforming themselves after attending 7 weeks meditations.

As a coach, I will assist you standing up for your self, speaking up the truth when you feel powerless. When we are not assertive, we will see our life not balanced, not being harmony with others and yourself. We may see challenging situations everywhere, at work, with friends or family environments. We all need clerical mind to tackle the issues sometimes, and it may be hard to do it by yourself. I have seen my clients improved their situations, through my coaching sessions, which include various healing modalities, practical home work and strategies and practice how to handle the situations.

My goal is helping your emotion to be healed, regain your personal power back and enjoy living your own life. As an intuitive person, I can assist you with custom made solutions to your needs. 

I commit myself to give you the best outcome within my ability.


Life is adventure and we are here to be healed.