Coaching and Workshop 

1. Coaching:

Are you giving up telling how you feel to those who neither listening to you nor respecting you, you can change the situations if you don't like it.

You can learn how to deal with those people who could be manipulative, maybe your colleague, your boss, your family members or relatives.

  • Are you feeling powerless to speaking up the truths?

  • Are you always giving or losing when you negotiate with your colleagues in other department?

  • Are you People Pleasing ?

  • I know I've been there, you can change the situations with clear, systematic mind and it is actually very simple once you know how to do it, you'll enjoy / thrilled how to negotiate with those manipulative people easily, or at least regain your power.

  • When people are dying they regret for not expressing themselves honestly, well it is easy to say, but hard to do it, right? It is crucial to learn the skill of Assertiveness.

  • Live honestly, truly to be who you are, becoming best version of yourself,

  • First session is free, so feel free to try and you can continue if you felt this was for you.  5 sessions for $250. The sessions may includes meditation, home work assignment, role play and strategy.


2.Instant shift emotion program work shop: $250

You can instantly shift your unwanted emotions, such as worries, concerns, stress, overwhelming, this workshop will show you how effectively, instantly shift your feelings, without others noticing what you are doing in your mind....


3. How to deal with not balanced relationship: Free Workshop

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